Incredible wedding elements Millennial are totally into!

Incredible Millennial wedding elements

Incredible Millennial Wedding Elements 


In the Millennial era, even the most traditional aspects of weddings are on for a spin. The new generation likes it with a certain sense of personal touch and excitement to match their lifestyle and moods. A little extra glam, a lot more warmth in gifts and expression of what the couple believes in translates into making the perfect celebration of a wedding. After all, you get married only once and it has to be the perfect conglomeration of traditional values and modernity.

From wedding invites, décor, etc to having elements that touch the personality of people – the wedding style has changed over time. While some love to adore their love for Marvel movies, others like a lush touch of roses – here are some incredible wedding elements that Millennial are totally into!


Ditch the couple seat for the love of GOT!

Ditch the couple seat

Claiming that throne already? Why not do it with style! GOT lovers can have a celebration of their life set around a theme that represents their interest. Millennials are moving to swiftly ditch the traditional seating styles to make for a quirky statement. The goddamn Iron Throne has made its way into weddings already with the couple glamorously sitting on the throne in all their might. Now that makes for a complete statement! P.S. pick the Series or movie theme as per your likes!


Replace traditional footwear!

Replace traditional footwear

Traditionally the brides were to wear stone studded footwear that compliments their Lehenga. And the grooms adore the juttis in regular shades of ivory, gold or shimmer. But with millennial, the story is a bit different. The couples today are replacing the traditional footwear with their signature style. While the brides love to wear their stilettos, boots and Stan Smiths, the grooms are going utterly stylish with handcrafted shoes and details. It’s a delight to find contrasting comfort in their style!


Millennial Incredible Wedding Elements


Personalized Hashtags

Personalized Hashtags

From #EverydayPhenomenal to #GoCheetaGetBatata, celebrities and the Aam Janta are creatively taking their wedding celebration to social media. Unique hashtags are created to share the love for the wedding online and share the pictures. From stories, Instagram posts to putting up photo booths and interior décor with a big hashtag on the venue – the generation of today are celebrating their love for social media in the most joyous day of their life with a twist.


Depicting stories with Mehendi

Depicting stories with Mehendi

Gone are the days when traditional motifs like mangoes, flowers, and leaves were the only inspiration for Mehendi designs. The new age styles are more involved in depicting the story of the couple. Brides are embracing their Mehendi designs with hints of caricatures of their partners, love for travel, their love story and more to colour their hands crimson. The grooms too are actively engaged in getting their hands printed with their partner’s name, their habits, lifestyle and more to tell their story in a gist.


Unique wedding favours

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours have got a new twist with the new age. Instead of the usual Mithai Dabbas and lifafas, the trend has it that chocolate boxes, wine shots, quirky accessories, organic plants, and eco-friendly gifts are making more appearances. The weddings today have booths for wedding favours and snacks like popcorn jars, coffee packages, handmade cosmetics, etc to make up for a fun day for the guests too. Even the guests are provided with mini-Haldi shots to apply to the couple for the Haldi Ceremony.


Quirky invitations

Quirky Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation websites with details of the wedding, pictures and stories to getting a personalized photo frame, earphones and assorted collections of artisan sweets – Quirky invitations are created to makes the best impression. The invitations have surpassed the time of cards and dry fruits and have reached into the world of glamour with more flowers, chocolates, organic plants, coffee, accessories and quirky handmade decorative. 


Millennials are enjoying the Shaadi Vibe in their style. Amidst all the traditional set-up, the quest is to express their sense of beliefs and living on their special day!

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