Ideas for an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

Ideas for unforgettable bridal shower

Ideas for bridal shower

To bless the bride-to-be and shower her with all the love and happiness before she begins with her new journey – a bridal shower party is a must! Indian Bridal Showers are a little different from the Western countries. And if you are in charge of the party, it goes without saying that you are going to have a tough time. But instead of taking this glorious day as a stressful one, stay high in spirits and pick up some brilliant bridal shower ideas to make it unforgettable.

A bridal shower is a celebration of love and care for the bride. From the dress code, venue, favors, to the feast, cake, and décor – everything needs attention. And so we have covered up on some ideas to help you put up an unforgettable bridal shower for your loved bride-to-be!


Choose an unordinary theme!

Theme for unforgettable bridal shower

When you are on for a unique celebration, the theme should be unique too! Don’t go for the regular flowery themes or the personalized ones, pick something that is truly new to the people around you. You can select from wine tastings, spa sessions, holidays, artistic paintings, and even go for a complete French theme to treat the guests and bride with a new way to celebrate.



The bride’s guest list

bridal shower guest list

The guest list shouldn’t have to be what you think that the bride would love. The guest list should be approved by the bride. The people she would want to meet and greet before dressing up as a bride should be only of her choice. So even if you have a few surprises planned, get an approval of the guest list from the bride.


Location De Soiree

Location for Bridal Shower

Of course, a good Venue can set the vibe just right for a great party. And it doesn’t always have to be a fancy restaurant or a lush Villa out of the city, you can hold a beautiful bridal shower at someone’s house or even a getaway destination. It all depends on the theme you have selected and the way everyone is comfortable. The easier it is for the people to reach the venue, the better!


Pick a dress code

Dress Code Idea for Bridal Shower

Bridal shower means a lot of pictures to be clicked with the bride squad. And so picking up a dress code for the day can be totally worth it. The attire for the day could be from a selected color palette, some level of formal dress, or just about sticking to certain colors only. Make sure you don’t expect unreasonable dressing from people and keep it subtle yet stylish for everyone.


Ideas for an unforgettable bridal shower


The décor

Decor for bridal shower

The bridal shower is a very personal celebration. The décor too shall reflect a lot of personal details. Keep the décor sticking to the theme and try to add in details that make a difference. Adding in the personal touch to the surroundings, flowers of the bride’s choice, some balloons, stylish crockery or even jazzing the venue with some pop color could bring out the difference. Try to keep bridal showers away from the traditional décor. Tip: Don’t forget on the props and photo booths for Bridal Shower pictures!


What’s on the menu!

Menu for Bridal shower

Can we ditch the ladoos and Gulab Jamuns and introduce cupcakes and pina-coladas on the menu – Hell yes! Keep the bridal shower fresh and frenzy by putting dishes that truly excite the girls. Instead of choosing what’s already on the wedding menu, go for pizzas, pasta, Mojitos and buttercream cupcakes to make it an evening truly worth relishing!


Bridal Shower Favours

Bridal shower Favours

The guests need to be given favors for being a part of such a special day for the bride. The bridal shower favors need not be extravagant, something as simple as personalized stationery, shot glasses, make-up souvenirs, coffee hampers, etc are great to hand over to the guests for their time and attention. These little things make a lot of difference!


The Shower game

Games for Bridal Shower

Playing some fun games at the bridal shower is the best part of the celebration. Try to come up with something creative when treating the guests with a shower game. This could be from developing own lipsticks shades, making a lip balm, framing a picture, pottery making or even about drawing a lottery.


From cool backdrops, Bride’s seat of honor, to intriguing music there is a lot to look after. But if you have these things sorted – you are, well, ready for a fun bridal shower hosting for your loved bride-to-be!


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