Wedding Jewellery: A Guide to Perfect Wedding Investment!

Wedding Jewelry A Guide to Perfect Investment!

Wedding Jewellery –  A Guide to Perfect Wedding Investment

One of the biggest expenses yet the glorious one for a wedding is the Bridal Jewellery. The essence of gifting gold to the bride, the glamorous sparkling of diamonds, heirloom Kundan kadas from Dadi/Nani or the super trendy look to grace for the day – there is a lot more to bridal jewellery than just gold. And this why shopping for bridal jewellery is no easy fiasco!

Bridal jewellery isn’t just about creating a statement look for the most important day in the life of the couple, but also secretively an investment for the future. So while the choice of right gems is important to bring a dazzling neckpiece to life, it is equally important to measure its worth to keep it all in the right spectacle. Here is a guide to help you extensively on the wedding jewellery investment!


Fix a budget

Budgeted  Wedding Jewellery

In India, bridal wedding jewellery is an investment. Parents consider saving up on money, buying bars of gold and even collecting a few pieces beforehand to keep count of future purchases. This is because managing and budgeting of finances are important. Estimate how much money has to be invested in the bridal jewellery to not spend more than required. Choose to stick to the budget and make a choice wisely.


It should match your lehenga

Wedding Jewellery Matching with Lehenga

Wedding jewellery need not be always gold. If your lehenga is a little off the traditional looks, opt for works of diamonds, pearls or even colored gems to find your perfect piece. You can match gold with rubies, diamonds with platinum, and pearls with precious stones to create a matching look for the day.  The investment won’t be fruitful if it doesn’t go with your wedding look!


Know your diamonds and pearls

Wedding Jewellery - Diamond & Rings

Take time out to understand the beauty and worth of different stones you are considering to buy. While Kundan neckpieces are very traditional, the polka adds a sheer of diamonds and make it ecstatic. Yellow gold sets, rose gold sets, all-diamond sets, meenakari designs to exquisite antique jewellery – the choices are many. It’s best to know about the art and their value to make an effective choice.


The Only Guide on Wedding Jewellery That Every Bride-To-Be Needs to Look


Value your gold

Wedding Jewellery - Gold Biscuit

The price of gold keeps changing. Research beforehand to estimate the low market price and buy during the low time to make an effective investment! Gold comes in varieties of 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k (the purest) – the purity of the gold is also essential to determine the right worth. Know the composition, weight, and craft to understand its true worth and weight. Choker necklaces have less gold and therefore are cheaper than others. The tie-up necklaces too are less costly as they don’t have a gold chain attached to it.


Trust only certified jewelers

Certified Jewellery CertificateWhen you are buying precious metal jewellery for your wedding, trusting a certified and authentic jeweller is the only choice. Even when buying online, find the sellers who are certified and sell their products with a hallmark and purity seal. Be it pearls, gemstones, gold, or diamonds – People rely on buying jewellery from stores because here they can get them tested.


Traditional is best!

Traditional Wedding  Jewellery

When it is a wedding, traditional  Jewellery is all you shall need. While some brides love to adore their mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery in a quirky way for their special day, others buy heirloom and antiques to wear a finely crafted signature piece. Moreover, traditional jewellery complemented with the right waistband, naths, and maangtika brings up an ecstatic look for a perfect wedding ceremony.


Match with your look!

Matching Wedding  Jewellery

Your jewellery should match with your face dimensions and your skin tone. For someone who is dark skin toned, wearing sparkling diamonds would make them look even darker. An expert will help here to analyze your skin tone and know what stones or metals go well with your tone. Moreover, the designs like chokers, beaded sets, Queen’s necklaces, etc should be chosen keeping in mind the neckline of the blouse. The shape of the jewellery should match with the neckline.


Don’t shy away from wearing old heirlooms or statement pieces to come up with some drama.  Shop smartly as a piece of wedding jewellery isn’t just special because it’s worthy, but because it’s a priceless souvenir of your own wedding!

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