7 Unique elements to make your wedding stand-out!

Unique elements to make your wedding stand-out

 Unique elements to make your wedding stand-out!

When it comes to wedding, little details can bring about big gestures. A wedding isn’t always about the big venues, mighty decorations, and extravagant spending, sometimes it’s about simple additions to the menu, adding of highlights to décor, or even extending gestures of love.
Wedding planning takes a lifetime of dreaming, months of planning and adherence to the vision to bring about a day of celebration to life. In this journey, if you expect your low-cost wedding to stand out from the crowd – adding some elements and embellishments can make all the difference!
Amplify your décor while keeping your investments minimal – as these memorable and stunning elements are now uniquely yours.


Goodie bags

Unique elements for Wedding - Goodie Bag

Welcome your guests with a warm heart by extending your love in a goodie bag. This can be a small potli or a simple packet designed around the wedding theme that includes some handmade chocolates, wedding gift, dupatta, sunglasses, handwritten notes, wedding plan, or even a coffee bag to take home along. Goodies bag can contain all the information about the wedding, wedding hashtags, stylish earrings or funky mementos to treat your guests with. It can bring your guests closer to the wedding.

Embrace the theme with special details

Quirky Theme - Unique elements for Wedding

A wedding theme imparts a sense of glamour and feels to the venue. Be it bohemian, dreamland or just a simple extension of French-style set-up – adding in details to them goes a long way. From table signs, flowers, ornaments, embellishments, to lights, beads, and framed pictures – the options are many to explore from. The décor should have intrinsic details to go with the theme.


Special treats for guests to join in!

Unique elements for Wedding - Special Treat
Wedding is a celebration that involves the loved ones collectively into the rituals. One unique gesture is to make the guests a part of the celebration. For a haldi ceremony, make mini packets of turmeric/ubtan to pick from a basket and let guests apply to the bride or groom. Or go for flower bunches that make the guests shower their blessings on you during the rituals. These can be a truly enjoyable experience for the guests which won’t be forgotten any sooner.


Instagram Friendly set-up

Unique elements for Wedding - Insta Set-up

Of course a wedding décor is more about beautifying the venue for the wedding. But it should also include details that match with making the décor picture friendly. Design Selfie booths, or corners for instagrammable clicks so that guests can devote their time enjoying some photography sessions. Wedding booths have become a highlight in weddings bringing in fancy props and vintage picks for pictures that truly create statements.


Menu with a twist

Twisted Menu - Unique elements for Wedding

The wedding feast remains as an unforgettable part of the ceremony. From popping champagne bottles to tasting deserts, try to include a blend of cultural and gourmet taste to treat the taste buds. Go for a mighty cake but don’t ignore a desi halwa. From snacks to the main course it’s about treating your guests with something different and new that makes your wedding stand out. Adding in some exciting mocktails or donuts to the menu will keep the guests wanting for more.



Tableware - Unique elements for Wedding

Instead of going for a regular white plate and cutlery choice, think out of the box to decorate your wedding feast area. Add in details by opting for a more handmade piece of pottery, or palm leaves, or even antique tiles for an Italian look at the table. Add in some candles, flowers and antique pieces too to create a spread that is truly unique. Dig out an idea from old age traditions or go completely artistic – its all in the details!

Blessing box

Unique elements  for Wedding  - Blessing Box


Let your guests truly express their love and blessing towards the couple. Create a blessing box with cards and pens around for the guests to write down their blessings and put into the box. These can be opened up later for the couple as their part of blessings from the wedding. Imagine having a box full of thousands of blessings from the loved ones!


Go with your vision of adding details to your wedding plan – you are on for a great wedding!

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