Unique Proposal Ideas To Seal The Deal

Unique Proposal Ideas To Seal The Deal

Unique Proposal Ideas To Seal The Deal

The exchange of vows and varmalas under the blanket of skies and company of your loved ones is the “It Moment.” But before the commencement of this beautiful chapter of a married life is a nerve-wracking beautiful moment called the proposal. The once in a lifetime moment when a couple decides to seal the deal with a nod to forever!

So without further ado, here’s a look at unique proposal ideas to make the big moment a splendid reality.


  1. Pop The Question Over Breakfast In Bed

This one is fairly simple, no elaborate preps or shenanigans. Prepare your lady’s favorite breakfast or brew her a mug of warm coffee on a cold winter morning. Just when she’s in her pajamas calling it a good morning, seize the day and pop the question over breakfast in bed. TWT Says: The best part? This proposal idea is definitely high on surprise value!


Picture Source – @FabYouBliss


  1. Freeze The Deal On An Iceberg

Bid adieu to mainstream getaways and say hello to a happily ever after by “freezing” the deal on an iceberg. Take a vacation to one of the pristine oceans across the globe and present a chilling surprise by getting down on one knee with a ring! TWT Says: Snow cladden mountains make for the perfect backdrop for your special proposal pictures.


Picture Credit – @KarenObristPhotography


  1. Take A Trip To Nostalgia

What better way to begin a new chapter in your life than taking a trip to nostalgia by popping the big question at Disneyland. Let the chirpiest characters from the screen join the biggest celebratory moment of your life. TWT Says: Cheer and Colour are a highly recommended combination you would want in your proposal memory!


Picture Credit – @DimsandDonuts


  1. Title Her Your Bae for Life By The Bay

Complement the sound and rhythm of the waves by being on the receiving end of a “Yes,” to question. Take a walk by the beach and just as the tide hops towards you two, pull her to the shore and the ring before her. TWT Says: Sun in the face and wind in the hair makes for gleeful souls, and that’s definitely a good start to forever.


Picture Credit – @EngagedOnMaui


  1. Get Down On One Knee Atop A Mountain

Pick a day that suggests good weather, hike up the mountain and just as she is busy admiring the view from a higher altitude, get down on one knee and let the shine of the diamond dazzle her. TWT Says An adventurous proposal before a lifetime of adventure together is the perfect way to mark your journey together.


Picture Source – @HowHeAsked


  1. Sail Your Togetherness On A River Bed

When the swift flow of the river, lush forest, and clear skies are companions to your day out with your one and only; popping the question is about the right thing to do. There’s no turning down a romantic proposal like this! TWT Says: Install an action camera by the river bed to etch this memory in your hearts forever!


Picture Credit – @JMHunterPhotography


These were our unique proposal ideas to seal the deal. Which one is your favourite? Or do you have an even better idea? Let us know in the comments section below!

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